I have worked with Feroc on multiple deals, both as a buyer and as a seller. One of the most honest diamond brokers I have dealt with. They're always prompt and able to procure pretty much any diamond that I am looking for. I highly recommend working with them to buy a diamond, especially unique, high value and rare diamonds, at the best possible price from authentic sources.

- Romil Mehta, Chintamani Group

It has been absolutely great working with Amit. KGK Diamonds has been working with him for a very long time. He is very prompt with delivery and understanding the requirements and always looks for ways to turn the deal with practical solutions. He is very skilled diamond broker and has the ability to be resourceful.

- Hasmukh Ramani, KGK Diamonds

I have worked with many people in my life, but working with Amit has been a great experience of enthusiasm, sweat and turning 360 degrees to make things happen, irrespective to size, value or product. It is a one stop shop to get anything and everything that exists in the industry, and above all, he is a diamond broker who works around the clock.

- Kamyen, The Private Jeweller

Working with Amit has been simple because he is straightforward and honest. I have always felt that he protects the buyer and seller and works hard to conclude the deals. He has been fair when he feels the deal is tight and has sacrificed when necessary to keep the buyer and seller happy, finding a way to conclude a deal.

- Anjal Bhansali, Samir Gems

For us by Avital Diamonds Belgium working with Amit is a positive experience for so many reasons, the most important is knowing that we work with a loyal, straight, professional diamond broker and that when we deal through him we don't need to worry about anything! Amit was and is the #1 diamond broker we always prefer to work with.

- Eric Avital, Avital Diamonds

Amit is the hardest working diamond broker that I know of, a complete professional who is honest and straightforward in his dealings, and most importantly, always up-to-date on the diamond market.

- Anand Mehta, Adiam

We have been working with Amit for a few years and we have seen that he is always available, ready and does what needs to be done to create and conclude sales. It has been a good experience and rewarding for all parties involved.

- Jean-Jacques Tache, Tache

Intelligent, loyal and hardworking friend. These are the words that come to my mind when i think of Amit. He will fight for your offers and gently bring you down to earth if you are dreaming on making certain prices!

- Rushabh Javeri, Diabelg

I have worked with Feroc diamond brokers for many years and have only ever been completely satisfied with his excellent service. I trust them to deliver the diamonds at the best price to us. Excellent assistance is provided right from the initial advice to purchasing and also management of any post sale queries. We highly recommend Amit if you are looking for diamonds and specifically rare fancy color diamonds.

- Mayank Shah, Imperialdiam Ltd

Amit is very sincere, responsible and hard-working. Our experience with him has been very satisfactory. We wish him the best for the launch of his website.

- Raj Mehta, Rosyblue

I have been working with Amit for more than 7 years now. He is a very reliable and dynamic business partner. Positivity and knowledge of the diamond markets in Antwerp and overseas make him an invaluable asset in making and closing deals.

- Dan Yakutiel, Hardwill Diamonds