Working with us

Over the years, we have established an extensive network within the diamond trade. We are able to source from diamond centres all over the world.

We particularly specialise in the sourcing of D Flawless natural diamonds, pink diamonds, and other rare natural fancy coloured diamonds. Although, we also work with all other GIA certified diamonds, mostly 3 ct and above.

Our aim as diamond brokers is to make business easier for our clients. We find, we negotiate and ultimately conclude the business for you.

Diamond Expertise

Diamond Expertise

Our diamond brokers are HRD (Hoge Raad voor Diamant) and GIA (Gemological Institute of America) graduates having successfully completed diamond education. They have more than 10 years of experience in seeing diamonds everyday and brokering sales of some of the most exclusive stones in the world.

3000+ Stones Sold

3000+ Stones Sold

Our team has been in the business of large stones diamond brokerage for many years and have successfully brokered sales of over 3000 individual stones with an estimated value of over 100 million USD.

24/7 Customer Service

24/7 Customer Service

We are available at any time convenient to you! We understand that many of our clients are in different time zones so we are available 24/7 by phone, messaging or email to swiftly cater to your demands.

Antwerp Based

Antwerp Based

Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world, with more than 80 % of the world’s mined diamonds all making their way through here. This city is unmatched to any other diamond trading hub in the world, both in the volume of diamonds as well as the pulse of current trading prices. Having our HQs in Antwerp, allows us to get our hands on literally anything that our clients ask for.

The Power Of Our Network

The Power of Our Network

The diamond industry is considered to be a very private and closed industry, working mainly on relationships.  Our network ranges from suppliers all over the world who are mainly located in all the major diamond hubs such as Antwerp, Tel Aviv, London, Mumbai, New York, Hong Kong, Johannesburg and Dubai. We have access to the rare diamonds that you are looking for.

Security And Discretion

Security and Discretion

We place a lot of value on our relationships with our clients and suppliers. We strongly believe in a service that is tailored to our clients’ expectations. With this, we also understand the unspoken need for discretion and privacy, backed up with the maximum security and safety measures to ensure both the buyers and seller are comfortable. We understand the importance of this and we diligently adhere to these principles.

The people behind Feroc

Amit Mehta, owner and founder of Feroc, started the company in 2012.

A graduate of the HRD gemological grading course, he spent over a year in the Indian diamond manufacturing hubs of Navsari and Surat. He came back to Antwerp to begin his venture in the loose large stones polished diamonds brokerage, carving a niche in the exclusive and rare diamonds sector and working mainly with diamonds 3 carats and up and D Flawless diamonds.

Over time, he has successfully brokered diamonds over millions of dollars in individual values, while keenly ensuring that the day to day requirements of all the clients in his portfolio remain fulfilled.


Understanding trends in the trading network is a very important part of our job. We are always aware of which stones are selling at a premium and which stones are not currently in popular demand.
This is to do mainly with the cycles of supply, and keeping up with this information is key to understand what diamonds are better investment, both long term and short term.

Expanding the network

Understanding the emergence of new entrants in our business is why our company is still standing strong today. To know the pioneers, to welcome the new, to join hands with both is the key to a successful future. Our network ensures we get the newest stones, from both new manufacturers and traders as well as the older generation who all rely on our market knowledge to ensure they get the correct and current prices for their stones.